A group of companies “StudioPack”, consisting of a manufacturing company “StudioPack Technologies” and distribution company “StudioPack Ukraine Limited”, presents an ecological closed loop production.


Innovative Technologies (packaging)
True values (family, care, love)
StudioPack today is a modern, high-performance, fully automated production chain.
The production chain includes:
Technological implementation
Utilization (recycling)
in order to reutilize the aluminum foil food containers.
Food aluminum foil is a multifunctional, effective material widely used in various fields of modern life which is actively used for packaging, storage, refrigeration, transportation and preparation of food.
Aluminum foil food containers - the product that no longer requires advertising in Western Europe and the USA, as well as in Japan, China, etc.
For Ukraine, this is an innovative product and we are happy to announce that the introduction of this product in our country will positively affect the health improvement of the nation, boost of the citizens’ general level of comfort, as well as the level of private and public responsibility for the preservation of the planet’s ecological balance.

Company history

Having started in 2006 as a distribution company, by 2010 the group of companies “StudioPack” has expanded its production capacity by changing the status of the official distributor for the exclusive national manufacturer of aluminum foil food containers.
Exclusive national
manufacturer of
aluminum foil
food containers.
“StudioPack is the synonym of the European quality, ecological safety and technologies “of tomorrow”.
One of the events of primary importance in the history of the company was the commissioning of the ultramodern production - plant “StudioPack Technologies”. The widest distribution network, the number of representative offices in Ukraine, as well as the growing list of clients and partners of “StudioPack Ukraine Limited” team both in Ukraine and abroad, speak for the production capacity of the enterprise.
The team of professionals works tirelessly to study the demand and to improve the products. The successful audit of the company and obtaining the certificates DEKKRA ISO 9001:2008, 14001:2004, 22000:2005 confirms the above stated.
Production panorama

Company’s Mission

To produce high quality, safe for human health and ecosystems goods at a price that consumers can afford. To offer the market and a consumer the products, the quality and usability of which will enable it to become a necessity for cooking both for an individual, and for businesses, directly related to the production, trade and food delivery.

To help promote a responsible attitude of the citizens of their personal health and environmental protection through the introduction of our products in the household and culinary usage of our compatriots.

To strive to improve corporate liability to employees in order to meet the global vision of progressive and fair organizations.

Company’s Objectives

To expand the geography of product markets to the limit by increasing the range of products and diversifying the range of output goods, increasing the list of corporate liability to employees by creating favourable conditions for work and prerequisites for their personal growth.

To convey the idea of “comfort without harm” to every citizen of our country by making the aluminum foil food containers an integral option of the contemporary culinary tradition of the Ukrainian family.

To make a feasible daily contribution to the prevention of global environmental catastrophe. “Healthy people, healthy planet inhabitants” is our vision of the future. Using the products from food aluminum foil at home (followed by 100% recycling) is an objective opportunity to make this thesis a reality.

To elevate the concepts of quality, integrity and responsibility to the rank of incontestable features of our company in the eyes of consumers, partners, employees and the state.

Company’s Vision

The Way to the Personal Comfort

Healthy Nation

Clean Environment

Living Planet

The vision and values declared by the company are the direct reflection of our abilities, aspirations for integration of the accumulated experience and innovative way of thinking of our team, as well as the desire and ability to create unique environmentally friendly product, satisfying the demand of the most exacting customer. THE PRODUCT is able to make the life of every person simpler, easier and tastier, without harm to future generations.


The command of the group of companies “StudioPack” is responsibility and professionalism.
“StudioPack” is not only the equipment, warehouses and innovative products. First of all, these are our employees, thanks to which every citizen of Ukraine has the possibility to consume eco-friendly and healthy products in safe packaging, which is not harmful to health and the environment.
We are continuously studying the consumer demand in order to improve the production and meet Your every need. We strive to continually improve the quality of service.
Our main goal is to create the product that meets the following requirements:

Ecological compatibility
Health safety
Reasonable price

We work for You and get the most pleasure of the activities to the benefit of each individual and the planet as a whole.

Quality, integrity and responsibility - these are the key features of work of every employee of the group of companies “StudioPack”.


“StudioPack Technologies” is a certified quality.
Since the commissioning of the company’s plant, “StudioPack Technologies” held tremendous work regarding the business processes streamlining, improvement of the quality and organisation of technical control of the products and has won the international certificates ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2004, ISO 22000:2005.

ISO is the most authoritative international organisation for standardisation, the developer of standards aimed at the effective practical solution to global problems of today, as well as at the increase of the management system effectiveness and customer satisfaction.
ISO International certificates represent fair and independent expert assessment of international standard, the guarantee of safety, reliability and quality of the products.
ISO certification compliance is a strong argument in favour of the effectiveness of production and management processes, as well as high market competitiveness of “StudioPack Technology” company.