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Cook at home, cook easily, and cook delicious!
“StudioPack Ukraine Limited” company supplies aluminum foil packaging to all national and regional networks of Ukraine.
Today, in delicatessen departments of most supaluminiums in Europe, there are meals that are almost cooked, as well as ready-made meals, which are packed in containers from food aluminium foil.There is no need for a product to come into contact neither with human hands, nor with any utensils at home. Aluminum packaging makes it possible not to use any other utensil for cooking: a dish cooked in an oven is ready for serving in the same package; it is very easy, convenient and practical.
Replacement of plastic trays by food containers from aluminium foil makes the cooking process of half-prepared and ready meals as comfortable and convenient for consumers as possible.
Disposable food containers from aluminium foil have particular advantages for high-quality packaging and cooking.

Refrigerated semi-prepared meat, fish, vegetables

Ready-made meals (meatballs, lasagna, pizza, pates, cereals, aspic)

Deep freeze gastronomic semi-prepared food

Delicatessen for later consumption or cooking at home

Confectionery and bakery products
Modern consumers are looking in stores for dishes that are easy and quick to prepare, and that are delicious at the same time
Such dishes are meant to meet the demand of consumers who prefer to have a truly delicious home-made (or restaurant) lunch or dinner, putting minimum effort into it. They want to spend time for work or entertainment, and are willing to pay for “convenience food”.
There are two concepts of “convenience food”::
The first concept – half-ready and almost ready dishes. A manufacturer undertakes almost all the procedure of ingredients processing and food cooking except for the last step, namely the heat treatment – to finish the cooking.

The second concept - ready-made meals that require secondary treatment - heating.
Saving resources:

Water - no need to wash the dishes.

Electricity - food is cooked faster than in conventional utensils.
Benefits for consumers:
  • Additional form for cooking
  • No need to come into contact with a product during cooking – you get a container and put it in an oven or microwave to cook
  • Food aluminium foil - green material
  • A container can be reused for storage, preparation, freezing or transportation of products
  • Preparation of food in a package (food container from aluminium foil) reduces the time of cooking, thereby saving electric energy.
Unique packaging solution for the market - innovative benefits for consumers.
Only “Studiopack Ukraine Limited” company, offering food containers from aluminium foil, will ensure the success of Your products!