Standard containers, optimal packaging for:

  • the manufacture of confectionery and bakery products,
  • gastronomy (in preparation and implementation of refrigerated ready meals and semi-prepared food, as well as when working with the products that undergo preliminary freezing, including “shock” one),
  • delicatessen shop (both at the stage of realization of ready products and products requiring further treatment at home),
  • “fast food” system (as a packaging material).

Products from 130 microns thick foil suit optimally for vacuum packaging with modified atmosphere, the strength of which is achieved by smooth curves, presence of hard edges and reinforcing ribs, making them as safe as possible from the point of view of the “retail hygiene” and ultra comfortable considering the use of a container as a universal reservoir for packaging, storage, transportation, selling and cooking, reheating and serving. Smooth-wall containers can be hermetically sealed with Surlin or PE film with a flat or domed lid.

Semi-rigid aluminum containers from composite material: aluminum foil and polypropylene film, which has a number of unique essential for food industry properties such as high chemical resistance, good formability and weldability, resistance to sterilization - Heat sealable sterilisable trays known abroad as Steralcon. The demand for Steralcon (Heat sealable sterilisable trays) keeps growing every day in Ukraine, because it is impossible to overestimate the benefits of this type of packaging over the competing products.

Sets of disposable containers for food from aluminum foil are both, the packaging for products, and disposable utensils for cooking, transportation, heating, freezing and storage of products.

Increasing consumer interest in natural products and healthy food at the same time sparks interest to the usage of new safe packaging for such products. Therefore, the packing should be made from natural materials and should be comfortable and clean. Disposable food containers from aluminum foil of “Studiopack Ukraine Limited” company fully meet modern requirements for food packaging.