Heat sealable sterilisable trays

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Semi-rigid aluminum containers from composite material: aluminum foil and polypropylene film, which has a number of unique essential for food industry properties such as high chemical resistance, good formability and weldability, resistance to sterilization - Heat sealable sterilisable trays known abroad as Steralcon. The demand for Steralcon (Heat sealable sterilisable trays) keeps growing every day in Ukraine, because it is impossible to overestimate the benefits of this type of packaging over the competing products.


Meat processing plants, food production enterprises, infant formula manufacturing facility, milk processing plants, canned fruit and vegetables manufacturing factories

Steralcon (Heat sealable sterilisable trays)is an optimal packaging for:

  • meat products: pates, canned stewed meat,
  • meat, fish and vegetable canned and preserved products,
  • milk and dairy products: condensed milk, cream, pies, infant formula,
  • snack group: nuts, coffee, honey,
  • juices, fruit purees, jams.


Steralcon (Heat sealable sterilisable traysis an unconditional competitive standard for can and plastic packaging.

A list of items for which Steralcon (Heat sealable sterilisable trays) is ahead of their competitors will leave you no doubt that your choice should be definite:

  • modern aesthetics packaging,
  • reduced weight and cost of packing,
  • do not come into contact with products packaged in it, when being open, the internal walls are not subject to corrosion from exposure to air,
  • prolonged shelf life of canned food (up to 5 years at +20 temperature),
  • opaqueness,
  • guaranteed hermetic seal,
  • ease of opening, does not require a special key,
  • compactness for transportation of empty packaging and finished products,
  • easy to recycle.


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