Partnership with “Culinary studio Lazersons” – we cook together!


Opening of �“Culinary studio Lazersons” took place in Kiev on 19�th�of Fabruary.

Company “StudioPack” decided to support studio’s aspiration to make our environment a little bit tastier and gastronomically vivid! Company supplied culinary lessons with innovation and ecologically friendly ware, disposable aluminum foil trays. Trays can be used both for making culinary masterpieces and for transporting, warming-up, freezing and consumption of prepared food.

We hope that this partnership “will be tasty” for our consumers! Sigh up for classes!


“Culinary studio Lazersons” was found by two chefs, father and son, Ilya and Eugene Lazerson. There are two studios today: first one is located in St. Petersburg, its chef is Ilya Lazerson, second one is located in Kiev and its chef Eugene Lazerson. Both studios work in the same format and conduct classed for everyone who likes to cook.