Using convenient, universal aluminum foil containers as disposable tableware is an innovation for preparation, storage and transportation of products.
A wide range (variety of container shapes and volumes) gives an opportunity to prepare original dishes for the whole family when food retains its original taste.
Foil - an inert and 100% barrier material that does not support the growth of microorganisms, which allows to increase the shelf life of products by one more day compared to other types of packaging!
Aluminum foil containers are both the packaging for food storage and the utensils for its preparation, serving, transportation and heating.
You can freeze fresh food in the containers or store ready products in a refrigerator tightly closed with a lid to preserve the taste and increase the shelf life.
For cooking or heating food in a microwave or an oven just remove the lid from the container!
Containers are not afraid of the temperature difference, they can be put in an oven or microwave (+300 °C) straight from the freezer (-25 °C) which saves time for cooking.
To celebrate all kinds of events at home, at work, on the nature, the containers can be used as utensils for serving.
Containers do not require cleaning and maintenance. After being used, they are sent for further 100% recycling. Aluminum does not harm humans and the environment!
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